Meningitis B is a deadly bacterial
infection that took Kimberly’s life

- one week before her high school graduation.


Kimberly Coffey

When we think of Kimberly, we think about her warm, kind and compassionate heart, radiant smile, and witty sense of humor.

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Meningitis is a life-threatening bacterial infection that can kill in a matter of hours. Young people are at increased risk.

Our Work:
The Meningitis B Action Project

The Meningitis B Action Project works to raise awareness of Meningitis B and the vaccine available to help prevent it.

Our Work:
Vaccination Policy

The Kimberly Coffey Foundation works to improve meningococcal disease vaccination policies across the country.


The Kimberly Coffey Foundation works to educate the public and healthcare professionals about bacterial meningitis (meningococcal disease) and the importance of full immunization with two different types of meningococcal vaccines - MenACWY and MenB.


Videos: Why does meningococcal disease prevention matter?